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Eoin McCarthy

Eoin found himself in the hair industry 6 years ago after a career as a professional cyclist in Europe. In his first year as a stylist he was awarded the title of Irish Barbering Apprentice of the Year. After building some experience & reputation in Ireland Eoin found himself a job at Area Studio in Melbourne, Australia. Eoin then had the opportunity to expand his skill set & find his unique style of men’s haircutting in a multi-talented International team. Eoin was awarded Victorian Barber of the Year for 2017 & In 2017 & 2018 he contributed to Area Studio winning the HBIA Small Salon of the Year for both years. In 2019 Eoin actively educated demonstrated & judged many hair exhibitions globally & in 2020/21 Eoin won International Men’s Collection at the BEST of the BEST Awards & was finalist in multiple awards & competitions globally. Eoin is now running one of Australia’s leading up skilling facilities, AREA Academy & he is an Global Educator/Brand Ambassador for Dyson, Andis Clippers & Osaka Scissors. IG: @eoinmccarthyhair


Leigh Winsor

Leigh’s journey began at a young age in Plymouth, England. With over a decade and a half of experience under his belt, Leigh’s career has seen him collect awards in Hairdressing and Barbering such as 2019 Australian Barber of the Year. He’s presented onstage at various industry events and Expos, and it’s allowed him to share and impart his knowledge as an Educator, competition Judge and Ambassador for brands like; Andis Clippers, Osaka Scissors, Motion Cosmetics, Kofer Suitcases and Dyson Hair Professional. Leigh divides his time between Area Studio as a stylist, Educating for Area Academy in person and online, and educating for Andis Clippers. To follow his journey on Instagram: @leighwinsor

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Our mission as an up-skilling facility is to challenge the conventional ways in which stylists think about & approach haircutting

The 7 Pillars

  • Education

    Covering the foundations, principles & philosophies of haircutting used at AREA Academy. Watch full HD tutorials as well as theory & resources.

  • Personal Development

    The personal development pillar will help you in discovering & developing the mindset at AREA. Ultimately enabling you to transform your life in a positive & sustainable way.

  • Lifestyle

    Our health is our wealth, both mentally & physically. This pillar will provide you with some of the best tools & advice in which the AREA team found worked for them in living a more health, clear & focused lifestyle.

  • Business

    The business pillar will give you the information & advice that has worked for AREA in building & sustaining a successful career in hair.

  • Media

    In the media pillar the guys will be taking you through their best tips on how to build your brand & how to attract clients through digital marketing.

  • Community

    The community pillar will provide members a safe space in which they can socialise & connect with their peers. This will present the opportunity to access exclusive content on a weekly basis from AREA Academy HQ.

  • Entertainment

    The entertainment pillar will provide more of an insight into the interests & opinions of AREA. It will follow the guys through the less serious side of journey whilst also providing value for members!


  • What is the difference between Platinum & Gold Membership

    The Platinum Membership will give you access to hours worth of content from all 7 pillars of ‘The Network’. The Gold Membership will give users access to the main pillar only - the “Education” pillar which contains only the hair content.

  • How frequently will content be uploaded?

    Every week! We will alternate between uploading HD quality haircut tutorials & going LIVE in our “Members Only” Facebook Community Group (Link in Education & Community Pillar) to deliver interactive, real-time education…

  • How can I update or cancel my membership?

    There is no contracts & a cancel at any time policy by becoming a member of the platform. To read more information regarding refunds please click on the “Terms & Conditions” button on the bottom of the home page.

  • Why is each tutorial it’s own individual course?

    We have also designed our platform so that you can purchase each individual tutorial instead of a membership. These are the ones by themselves that cost $14.95. These same tutorials all exist within the Platinum & Gold membership packages.

From Our Community


"Opened up a whole new world of barbering"

by Area Academy Attendee, 2021

“I went into this without knowing any foundations of using scissors. This has taught me all the foundations and knowing why you do what you do with the scissors has opened up a whole new world of barbering for me specifically”

"Now I am starting to understand and appreciate scissor cuts…"

by Area Academy Attendee, 2021

“I have been cutting hair for 8 months and I have an obsession with it. This session has given me another obsession that is with the scissors. Before it was all about the blurriest fades but now I am starting to understand and appreciate scissor cuts…”

"This course helped me learn to value myself as a barber and professional"

by Area Academy Attendee, 2021

“This course helped me learn to value myself as a barber and professional. Also the colour spread advice for my fading really helped as well. I now look at my fading from a different perspective…”

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